Why Stain Your Deck?

Your deck is a valuable asset of your home, and keeping it in the best possible condition is prudent. Check your deck’s condition to determine the need for staining:

worn-out and withered but in good shape and without any rot.

check for cracks, splinters, or if the deck has cupped or warped.

Putnam Pro Staining Solutions.

Allow Putnam Pro to suggest the best solutions when considering having your deck stained. Staining a deck is an optimal step in protecting you investment because staining keeps your deck looking beautiful longer. Deck staining restores your deck’s natural oils and protects it against weather such as sun and water that can damage the wood and lead to fungus and mold. Without staining, your wood deck is also susceptible to cupping, curling and cracking.

Brush-and-Roller or Sprayer. Which One?

Putnam Pro hand-brushes oil-based stains — it’s the only way to go!


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