Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing by the Pros

With Putnam Pro, you get what you pay for. Also with Putnam Pro, you get expertise. Too little pressure and the grime is compacted deeper into the wood grain. Too much pressure causes surface etching. A pro, like Putnam Pro, knows when it’s not too hot and not too cold. We know when everything’s just right.

Relax and Not Work!

Having the professionals Putnam Pro handle your pressure washing needs is always better than retaining a weekender like yourself. What’s that adage about attorneys? “The man who defends himself in court has a fool for a client.” You can do the pressure washing but why? Don’t have anything better to do with your free time?

Putnam Pro Are Experts.

Putnam Pro uses specific materials for spectacular results. Our Chemical Rinse is a very non-abrasive light pressure cleaning method in which is used on most tasks. The method is safe for new paint, new stain, vinyl siding, and wood surfaces. Reciprocally, our Power Wash is a more aggressive cleaning method which is used when a chemical rinse is ineffective. This method is always used on concrete, brick, metal and most stone with the exception of handcrafted stone.

The Pros Have the Best Toys.

When you hire Putnam Pro, we are stocked with the latest gizmos and gadgets to do the job. When hiring a professional, we are ready to handle any unexpected developments. Would you be able to if you just rent a power washing machine from the local hardware store? And best of all, Putnam Pro is insured.


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