Putnam Pro is THE Choice for Exterior Painting Jobs.

If you want an effective and efficient paint job on the exterior of your home then don’t hesitate to hire Putnam Pro. We are trained to use methods and materials to maintain your home’s building design and improve its overall appearance with specific paints. For example: with our water-based latex applications, we invested in the highest quality commercial sprayers to give the most even and beautiful paint job that you can get in the industry. With the home paints, our sprayers allow for thicker applications that are much more even throughout the home. Thicker paint in some areas but not in other areas is a thing of the past!

Benefits of Regularly Painting Your Home’s Exterior.

Regularly painting the exterior of your home protects the structure from all types of weather as well as prevents costly siding replacement.  A professional paint job by Putnam Pro is the perfect choice to ensure the surfaces are prepped properly and then painted with utmost quality.

Areas That Need Exterior Painting.

Is the surface of your home’s paint job experiencing  fading, erosion, and / or peeling? These symptoms are indicators of when it’s definitely time to repaint even if your home was painted in the last several years. Not including the roof, doors, and windows, the entire exterior surface of your home should be regularly maintained to maintain an optimal seal between your home and outdoor elements.

Types of Paint for Your Home’s Exterior.

Putnam Pro selects your home’s exterior paint taking into consideration duration, protection, and coverage. Higher quality paints have a longer duration and require fewer coats which can be cost effective in the long haul.

Start to Finish- The Duration of an Exterior Paint Job.

Putnam Pro preps the exterior of your home and may advise the removal of all mildew, algae, and grime buildup with a pressure washer prior to restoring worn surfaces. Once each step is complete, your home can finally be primed, painted, and ready to show-off!


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